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We study problems at the intersection of Sports Analytics and current research in Statistics, Machine Learning, and Visualization. Using innovative methods, we get novel inferences from big data sets, such as SportVu NBA optical tracking data.

Novel Player Metrics

Expected Possession Value, Counterpoints and many more

Methodology for Sports Analytics

Tools and theory for intelligent analysis of big data

Evaluating Team Strategy

Play detection, ball movement, resource allocation


XY Research originated at Harvard University in 2012. Professors Luke Bornn and Kirk Goldsberry had an idea to start a new sports analytics research group consisting largely of graduate students in Statistics and Computer Science. By early 2013, the group had 6 core members; we’ve been collaborating ever since.

Like just about everything in the 21st century, sports are becoming increasingly analytical, increasingly data-oriented, and increasingly technological. Our mission is to advance the state of sports analytics by applying emerging methods from statistics, computer science, machine learning and visualization. We believe that as sports race headlong into their own version of the big data era, sports analytics must become more sophisticated and more scientifically rigorous.

Our projects aim to demonstrate how new forms of sports intelligence emerge via the proper integration of data, science, and communication. Our current work focuses on basketball and soccer, but we have experience working in hockey, golf, football, baseball and other sports as well. As you can see below, the members have unique backgrounds that combine to form a product greater than the sum of our individual parts.

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